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Worcestershire Lodges

St Wulstans Chapter No 280

Worcestershire Prov Chapter - 17 April 2018 - 1:00am

The Installation meeting of St Wulstans Chapter No 280 took place on 11 April 2018.

The Presiding Officer was Michael G Taylor, supported by E Comp Michael Cox as Second Provincial Grand Principal, E Comp John Crowther, Third Provincial Grand Principal and E Comp David Shrimpton, ProvAGDC, as Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies.

E Comp Charles Owen was Installed as Z, E Comp Roger Wilkins as H and Comp David Morgan as J.

St Wulstans being consecrated in 1844 maintains in own ritual and, as usual, Installed all three Principals in full even though two had occupied their Chair before.

This being the last night out for the Presiding Officer, nine Provincial Officers including E Comp John Phenix, the Second Provincial Grand Principal were in attendance to wish him farewell.

Semper Fidelis Chapter

Worcestershire Prov Chapter - 17 April 2018 - 1:00am

On Monday 16th April the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent E. Comp. Colin P T Brown accompanied by E. Comp. Mike Cox, P.A.G.Soj., acting as Second Provincial Grand Principal and E. Comp. Derek Owen P.G.St.B. acting as Third attended the Installation of Semper Fidelis Chapter escorted by E. Comp. Mike Hadden Prov DepDC.

The Convocation saw the Installation of E. Comp. G. Ashcroft as Z, D Brace as H and G. Hudspith as J.

A total of some 26 Companions saw a good ceremony and later enjoyed the Festive Board.

MEGS Address 2018

Worcestershire Prov Chapter - 16 April 2018 - 1:00am

Companions, once again a very warm welcome to you all. It is wonderful to see so many of you here this morning. I am delighted that so many remembered we have moved and managed to find our new venue. Once again an especial welcome to all our Distinguished visitors, you are all very busy Masons and we really appreciate you giving of your time to attend.

I am, as you can imagine, delighted to be with you again this morning. I do apologise for missing last year's meeting and perhaps now everyone will stop telling me how well my Deputy performed and that it was the best meeting for several years. I take consolation in knowing how well I have trained him!

I start by congratulating all the Companions who received promotion or appointment this morning. I trust by now that you know this is reward for future efforts as well as past endeavours.

We also congratulate those Companions honoured at SGC this past year:

  • E Comp Bill Sherlock promoted to Past Assistant Grand Sojourner
  • John Crowther and Alan Robertson appointed P.G.St.B.
  • and Our new Third Provincial Grand Principle who will be appointed to P.G.St.B. in 12 days time.

I must thank all the Provincial officers who have supported the presiding Officer at the installation meetings throughout the Province. It is greatly appreciated by the Team as well as by the Chapters.

Companions, recruitment of new members is as ever an important activity in which we must all be involved. Last year we introduced the Talking Heads Presentation. I do hope that you have or will take the opportunity to see this presentation - Companions it works! Every event has lead to new recruits - at Remembrance Lodge last month 3 Exaltees signed up on the night. Companions finding new recruits is not something someone else does, we all want new members but we have to work to find them. I strongly urge you to take advantage of the opportunity which Talking Heads offers to strengthen our Chapters We are all responsible.

I thank you all for the tremendous support you have given the Provincial Charity Fund. You will see from the accounts that the Fund is growing well. Let me tell you where your moneys are going.

I am sure you will agree that all these causes deserve our support. Please carry on with your good work.

I do thank E Comp John Wright for all his efforts, guidance and support.

Today we saw the installation of a new Provincial Executive.

I must thank E Comp John Crowther for his efforts as 3rd Provincial Grand Principle. John has carried out his duties to the highest standard and has been a pleasure to work with.

We have also seen the installation of a new Deputy. I have been very fortunate to have had 2 superb Deputies. E Comp Michael Taylor has carried out his duties in an exemplary manner and I thank him most sincerely for his wise council and advice. But most of all his friendship.

Therefore we have 3 companions taking on new responsibilities. They are all skilled and experienced and I know that they will fulfil their new roles with proficiency.

Every Masonic unit has to have a Treasurer by law. I do not have just an "accountant" but a very valuable member of the Executive. Thank you Alan for all your valuable advice and guidance.

No Province can function without the support of a number of Companions and I would like to now thank those whose work can go unnoticed.

Today's meeting cannot have taken place without a huge amount of work by the Prov Grand Scribe E, the Prov Grand Registrar and all their assistants and volunteers. Any Provincial meeting requires an immense amount of organisation and moving to what is 2 new venues only increases the workload.

I am very fortunate to have an excellent GDC. I thank him for all his invaluable assistance throughout the year and together with his team particularly for today.

Another Companion who works tirelessly for us all is E Comp Ian Fothergill. He not only manages what goes on to our Website but of course is responsible for Second Rising, our Provincial newsletter. Communication in any organisation is of great importance and Masonry is no different.

We thank you Ian for all you do.

I cannot end without thanking E Comp Irving Horne, our Prov Grand Organist. He not only supports the Province on all occasions but acts as organist for so many Chapters. Following my brief sojourn into organ playing last year, I think we can agree your position is safe.

Companions I am constantly encouraging you to enjoy your Royal Arch Masonry. I am pleased that you are listening to my please. In fact Companions only last week I saw a Companion smiling during a Chapter meeting.

Companions let us never forget that we should have but one aim in view - to unite in the grand design of being happy ourselves and communicating happiness.

Thank you for listening.

Wonderful Day in Worcester

Worcestershire Prov Chapter - 16 April 2018 - 1:00am
Wonderful Day in Worcester

After a very drab and overcast week Saturday 14th April turned out to be a delightful sunny Spring Day and saw some 250 Companions from the Province of Worcestershire, and Distinguished Guests from 14 other Provinces from as far afield as Suffolk and Devon, assembled in the Great Hall of the Kings School to celebrate the Annual Convocation of the Provincial Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons in Worcestershire.

This was the first time the Province had used these facilities, which have been tried and tested by the United Orders for many years, and what a very successful venue and occasion it turned out to be.

This was a particularly important occasion for it saw the retirement of the Deputy Grand Superintendent Michael G Taylor, P.G.Swd.B., and led the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, Colin P. T. Brown, to obligate, appoint and invest his new Provincial Executive comprising his new Deputy, E. Comp. John M Phenix, P.A.G.Soj, and the Second and Third Provincial Grand Principals, A John Yeates, P.G.St.B. and the Reverend Justin T Parker, who is to be Promoted to P.G.St.B. at Supreme Grand Chapter later this month, together with his Officers for the Year and those Companions who received their Provincial First Appointments and Promotions. Congratulations must go to all of those who received such honours.

During his address the Grand Superintendent gave details of the 6 Local Charities that had recently received support from the Chapter Charity Fund. A Fund designed to aid those local Charities where a donation of £500 - £1,000 makes a significant difference.

He also made an appeal for all the Royal Arch Masons of Worcestershire to fully support the Recruitment of those Craft Masons who have yet to complete the full journey through the recognised 3 Degrees. He gave particular credence to the new Presentation of Talking Heads, which is available for any Lodge and where, to date, Candidates for Exaltation have followed every presentation made.

On completion of the Convocation, some 127 Companions moved to the Old Bishops Palace to enjoy an excellent reception, which included the promotion of the Cubitt Club 2022 Festival Ale was followed by a superb Luncheon which was of a quality not enjoyed for several years.

There is no doubt this was a highly successful and excellent day and sincere thanks must be given to all those who worked so hard to ensure this was the case.

Wyche Chapter No. 3638

Worcestershire Prov Chapter - 13 April 2018 - 1:00am

Wyche Chapter No. 3638 consecrated 20th June 1968, are very pleased to announce that for the first time in six years they have a Candidate for Exaltation at their next Convocation on Thursday 17th May to be held at Rainbow Hill, Worcester.

Bro. Terence G Bamford a Master Mason in Wyche Lodge is the nominated Candidate.

This auspicious event for the Chapter means they are looking for support and would welcome as many visitors as possible to witness the ceremony. Their Scribe E, would love to hear from you.

Sadly this will possibly be the last opportunity the Chapter has to conduct an Exaltation as they are planning to amalgamate their membership with Semper Fidelis Chapter early next year.

Spring Lunch

Elmley Castle Lodge - 5 April 2018 - 10:19am

Elmley Castle Lodge 6247

Invite you, your family and friends to join our Worshipful Master and his Lady
To a Spring Sunday Lunch at 12 noon for 1pm on May13th

In the Sir William Lyons Suite. Vale Golf and Country Club.
Hill Furze Road Bishampton WR10 2LZ

Roast Pork served with apple sauce and seasonal vegetables.
Followed by Chocolate fudge cake served with Vanilla ice cream
Or Chefs Homemade Fruit Crumble and custard
Coffee or Tea.
There will be of course a vegetarian option available. All for £15

RSVP as soon as possible to W Bro Peter Ross Lodge Charity Steward.
Ashdown. Mount Pleasant. Childswickham Broadway. Worcs. WR127JA
Tel. 01386 443924 mobile 07831715220 email

Together with a list of your guests with their dessert/dietary requirements.
Please make cheque’s payable to Elmley Castle Lodge

Please reserve me …… Places at £15 per person. Total Cost £……………

Obituary: E. Comp. B P Simpson, P.Pr.G.S.N.

Worcestershire Prov Chapter - 4 April 2018 - 1:00am
Wigornia RA Chapter No.4935

Stechford RA Chapter No.3185 - 19 April 2018

Worcestershire Prov Chapter - 4 April 2018 - 1:00am

A talk on the Officers of a Royal Arch Chapter and an explanation of the Royal Arch Jewel. Election of Officers for the ensuing year. Visitors will always be made welcome please contact Scribe E.

Bordesley Abbey Chapter

Worcestershire Prov Chapter - 28 March 2018 - 1:00am

On Wednesday 14th March Bordesley Abbey Chapter held their Installation Meeting and were delighted to welcome a Galaxy of Grand Officers to join in their celebrations.

As well as the Provincial Team led by the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent E.Comp. Colin P. T. Brown accompanied by E.Comps D W Owen and, John Crowther.

The Chapter also welcomed E.Comp's W A B Sherlock, J A Mallin, C G Carris, M R H Cole, A T Robertson, and B J Griffin all under the Control of E. Comp. David Shrimpton as the Escorting Officer.

Our pictures show the two newly Installed Principals, E.Comp. Simon Beckett, Z and E. Comp. Wreford Cox, J, together with all the Grand Officers in attendance.

Unfortunately the Installation of Haggai had to be deferred.

Obituary: E. Comp. J. T. Lewis, P.Pr.G.St.B.

Worcestershire Prov Chapter - 28 March 2018 - 1:00am
Masefield RA Chapter No.2034

Royds RA Chapter No.1204 - 05 April 2018

Worcestershire Prov Chapter - 28 March 2018 - 1:00am

Presentation of SGC to Comp. T. A. J. Roberts. To Install the Principals for the ensuing year E. Comp's M. R. Morgan, PPrGStB, (S. Wales), Z, D. A. Jones, H and Comp. A. Milton, J. Appointment and Investiture of Officers. A warm welcome is always guaranteed for all our Visitors,. Please contact Scribe E.

Page RA Chapter No.3378 - 06 April 2018

Worcestershire Prov Chapter - 28 March 2018 - 1:00am

Presentation of SGC to Comp. Stephen Holmes. To Receive the Historical Lecture from E. Comp. J. To Receive a Lecture from E. Comp. H. France-Sargeant " The Meanings and Phrases in the Holy Royal Arch". Proclamation of Principals and Election of Officers for the ensuing year. Visitors always welcome. Please contact Scribe E.>/p>

Stability RA Chapter No.564 - 18 April 2018

Worcestershire Prov Chapter - 28 March 2018 - 1:00am

Presentation of SGC's to Comp's P Suddock and R. Macey. To Proclaim and Induct the 3 Principals and to Appoint and Invest Officers. To Exalt Bro. J Pingree. Please contact Scribe E.

Sabrina Chapter No 6595

Worcestershire Prov Chapter - 19 March 2018 - 12:00am

The Installation meeting of Sabrina Chapter No 6595 took place on Tuesday 13 March 2018.

The Presiding Officer was Michael G Taylor, supported by E .Comp John Phenix, Second Provincial Grand Principal, E.Comp Derek Owen, as Third Provincial Grand Principal and E.Comp Jeff Whiteley, ProvDGDC, as Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies.

E.Comp Ian Tennan was Installed as Z, E.Comp Karl Haines as H and Comp Noel Nichols as J.

The Installing Z, E Comp Ashley Carmichael was congratulated on the ceremony and thanked for all his work during his year as Z.

The meeting was followed by a really enjoyable festive board. The Charity Steward, E.Comp David Spencer announced a number of donations to local Charities of which the Chapter continues to be a great supporter.


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