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Mentoring Policy

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Worcestershire has produced a formal mentoring policy to provide clarity of purpose for all those involved in safeguarding the future of Freemasonry in this Province. This policy defines the Provincial Grand Lodge of Worcestershire's mentoring strategy and describes the roles and responsibilities of those responsible for its implementation.

The mentoring policy here presented is not prescriptive, as it does not require a Lodge to implement any particular mentoring programme. Rather, it provides a simple framework under which mentoring can take place, and a structure that will support the sharing of information and best practice between Lodges. Lodges are encouraged to innovate and develop mentoring programmes that are right for them, given their unique traditions and membership profiles. In doing so, they will receive the full support of the Provincial Grand Mentor, who will offer advice, guidance and encouragement as required.

It is essential that every mentor reads and understands the Provincial Grand Lodge of Worcestershire's Mentoring Policy, as it is under the framework presented in this document that every mentor will perform his most important duties.

The Provincial Mentoring Policy is published in the Mentoring Archive.

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