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BoBs and NoBs meet at Anchor Inn-Lodge of Progress rides again!

Saturday 16th saw the first summer outing ever for the Lodge of Progress, meeting at the Anchor Inn, Fladbury. A good mixture of Brothers on Bikes (BoBs) and those 'not on bikes' (NoBs) were in attendance.

Around 35 Brethren and partners arrived from various meeting points around the Province for an enjoyable 'business only' Lodge meeting, followed by a fine lunch of local aspargus and ham.

One group met up for an early coffee and cake at Stuart and Val Edwards' house. Stuart is an Honorary Member of the Lodge, and we are looking forward to having him join us at a meeting in the future. The picture depicts us trying to remount our steeds after some of Ed Baker's finest (and lightest) cake.

Thanks to Simon at the Anchor for his hospitality, Andy Nixon for his interesting chat on RoSPA safety training, and to all of the Brethren for their generosity-a significant sum was yet again raised for the 'Blood Bikes' charity-properly known as the Midlands Freewheelers.

Our next meeting is planned to be at The Snowshill Arms on July 18th. The format is-meet up at various points, have a scenic ride down for a coffee around 11am. This is followed at 1130 by a short, dignified and amusing meeting, and afterwards by lunch, departing at 130pm. Contact our Secretary Barrie Simpson for more details-we'd love to see you, whether on a bike, or a NoB!

John Ling

WM Lodge of Progress 9893


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