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Kings Heath Ladies Friendship Club (KHLFC) September Meeting

The Kings Heath Ladies Friendship Club met yesterday (10th September) for a superb flower demonstration at Kings Heath Masonic Hall. The demonstration was given by Carol Price - the lovely wife of 7679's most junior brother Simon Price.

Following the event, the arrangements were raffled off raising over £25 for good causes.

There were 20 ladies in attendance - slightly fewer than normal due to holidays and one or two feeling under the weather. We wish them a speedy return to health.

Meetings are usually held on the second Thursday of each month (the next will be on October 8th) - when we will have our usual Autumn lunch.

It starts at 10.30 for coffee, followed by discussion for ideas for future events then luncheon at 12 noon. . All ladies are welcome, for only £14 fully inclusive.

Please do spread the word to help this friendly and welcoming club grow further.

Beautiful arrangements- with a Christmas theme.

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