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As you know the Library and Museum is holding an Exhibition entitled “Freemasonry Unwrapped” at Worcester Guildhall between 24th July and 5th August as part of the Masonic Tercentenary celebrations. This also coincides with the Three Choirs Festival being held at Worcester Cathedral consequently it is anticipated that many visitors will be attending both events. 

The Masonic Library and Museum in Rainbow Hill will also be open to visitors throughout this period.

Each venue will be open from 10am each day, and clearly we will need significant manpower to ensure that the public are properly provided for.

As you can appreciate will place considerable strain on the existing volunteers consequently we need, would appreciate, any support from Lodges throughout the Province.  If you, or any member of your Lodge or Chapter can spare any time, no matter how short, on any day the Exhibition is being held we would be very grateful.   

Please contact me with any dates or times you or any member of your Lodge or Chapter may be able to provide support and assistance 



This event is being held from Saturday 18th February until Saturday 25th February (Monday and Friday excepted).

As usual the Library and Museum will be open to the pubic between 10am and 4pm on each day it is open. 

Again we need volunteers to help with meeting and greeting and ensuring any visitors are properly welcomed.  Please get in touch with me if you or any Members of your Lodge or Chapter can help and support. 

And finally...


The Library and Museum is open every Tuesday and Thursday from 10am and until 12 noon and we are looking for further volunteers to enhance the existing team.  If you have any spare time to become a volunteer at the Museum you would be most welcome. Either day, or any time no matter how small would be welcome. Moderate computer skills would be an advantage, but not essential. 

 Bill Mason Communications and Information Officer, Library & Museum 01905 24971



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