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Provincial Lecture Competition - 2017

Last season's competition was very successful, and Provincial Grand Orator W. Bro. Jeremy Mallin has decided to run a second competition in early 2017.

Please support this event; start now, encourage your Lodge, and budding Orators to submit a talk or presentation without delay!

Everyone is welcome to participate.

Two of the 2016 entries were from Master Masons, who had their own prize section. It is hoped to have even more participate in this section next time,

Please do what you can do to see that your Lodge is involved in attendance preferably with a speaker or get your WM or Mentor to bring along a newer member with you to hear the various presentations: there will be a strong crowd and great atmosphere, and it's probably the easiest way to make a daily advancement in Masonic knowledge.

Full details of the competition can be found here:

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