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Provincial Lecture Competition - Kidderminster

The first in the current series of 20 minute Lectures was held at Kidderminster on Tuesday 13 March.

The evening organised by the Provincial Orator, W. Bro. Kerry Parkes presented four thought provoking enjoyable contributions.

  • “Masonic Oddities” - W. Bro. Peter Ken Elston
  •  “People of the Ritual” - W. Bro. Clive Kinton
  •  “Running Wilde - Oscar Wilde & Freemasonry” - W. Bro. John Harmshaw
  •  “Further Evidence that Roslyn Chapel is linked to Freemasonry and the Knights Templar” - W. Bro. David Wilson


The next in the series of events will be staged at Stourport on Thursday, 29 March, 7.30pm prompt; with the bar open: at 7.00pm.

No pre-booking is required, all are welcome, friends, members and family.


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