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Provincial Lecture Competition

Provincial Lecture Competition


After the success of last year’s Provincial Lecture Competition, I am delighted to advise that another 13 Brethren have enthusiastically puts their heads above the parapet to educate, entertain, enthrall and encourage you in a truly eclectic choice of Masonic subjects.

Last year’s lectures were unanimously received with approbation and I invite you to come along and lend your support to our Brethren who have volunteered to assist us in that advancement in Masonic knowledge with wit and wisdom!

Who knows, you may want to invite them to your Lodges in the future.

If you are a mentor, why not bring your Masonically younger Brethren along, so that they can appreciate further Masonic history and ideas?

The talks will be held over 4 evenings as follows:


Tuesday 21 February – Redditch


Masonry and Poetry

W. Bro. Jonti Marks

The Five Noble Orders of Architecture

W. Bro. John Pegler

Your Body thus being considered an Emblem of your Mind

W. Bro. James Benson


Monday 27 February – Halesowen


Masonic History behind a Postage Stamp

W. Bro. Ken Elston

Charlie’s Aunt was a Freemason

W.Bro. John Harmshaw

The Work of the Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys

W. Bro. Clive Kinton

High Up in the Masons

W.Bro. Paddy Lennon


Monday 6 March – Kidderminster


George Taylor and the Queen of Sheba’s Bath

W. Bro. Peter Ricketts

Early Worcestershire Masonic Lodges prior to the Union

W. Bro. Ernie Roberts

Masonry and the Esperanto Language

Bro. Damon Lord

​Wiliam Hogarth - Saint or Sinner?

​Bro. Glen Collins


Friday 17 March - Redditch


​Masonic History behind postage a Postage Stamp

​W. Bro. Ken Elston

“You hum it – I’ll play it!” - The Perils and Pleasures of being a Masonic Organist

W. Bro. Alex Sinton

Freemasonry and St. John's Ambulance in Worcestershire

W. Bro. Brian Chadd


The sessions at Redditch and Kidderminster will start at 7.30pm prompt with the bars open at 7.00pm. 

The evening at Halesowen will be 6.30pm for 7.00pm.

There is no cost involved and no need to book in. Dress code is casual.

I know that our Participants will welcome your interest, company and support and we look forward to gathering for some very happy evenings!

Yours sincerely and fraternally,



W. Bro. Jeremy Mallin, PAGDC, ProvGOrator

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