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The Order of the Secret Monitor

Principally The Order of the Secret Monitor is about the themes of friendship and caring. Its ceremonies are based on the Old Testament story of the lifelong friendship between David and Jonathan.

In this Order the assemblies are termed as Conclaves, each with a Supreme Ruler at its head.

The four Visiting Deacons are offices within the Conclave with a special function peculiar to the Order. It is laid down that they should afford assistance and support to a Brother in times of need and or distress.

Membership is open to all Master Masons, raised to that degree in a regular Lodge and a member in good standing in a regular Lodge.

  • 1st Degree. Secret Monitor. "Induction" - The legend related during the Induction Ceremony is the story of the remarkable friendship which existed between David and Jonathan. During the Ceremony the candidate is instructed in a certain course of action he should adopt when a brother is about to do anything which may prove injurious or detrimental to particularly himself, it also teaches a beautiful lesson of friendship and fidelity.
  • 2nd Degree. Princes. "Admission" - The Admission Ceremony to an assembly of Princes is also derived from the book of Samuel and relates how Saul pursued and sought the life of David. It further relates an interesting legend of the methods contrived by David to thwart the efforts of a jealous King
  • 3rd Degree. "Supreme Ruler" - The last named degree is unusual in that the Ceremony of Installation into the chair of the Conclave constitutes the Third Degree of the Order, pertaining to the Kingship of David and is fundamentally concerned with the Rulership of the Conclave.

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