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Rose Croix

The 'Rose Croix' Degree is the 18th degree of a Christian Order of Masonry, originating in France, and known as the Ancient and Accepted Rite of Freemasonry. Established in 1801, the Order comprises thirty three degrees which amplify the teachings of Craft Masonry within a Christian context. Candidates must have been a Master Mason for at least one full year and be in good standing with the Craft, and profess the Trinitarian Christian Faith

Throughout England and Wales and certain Districts and Chapters Overseas the Order is governed by the Supreme Council 33° whose headquarters are known as Grand East and are located at No. 10, Duke Street, St. James' London.

The ceremony of the 18th degree, the only ceremony worked in full by the Chapter, is an immensely thought provoking, impressive and beautiful ceremony which instils a warmth of Brotherly love on which the whole Masonic movement is founded.

Regalia for the l8th degree is both simple and spectacular and comprises a reversible rose pink collar with gold braid embroidered with various symbols in gold braid. A jewel is appended to the collar. The District of Worcestershire comprises twenty two Rose Croix Chapters. Chapters usually meet three times a year between September and May and evenings are completed with the traditional festive board. Meetings are very friendly and relaxed with members sharing a commitment to Christian fellowship and an understanding of this very beautiful Masonic Order.

For information - there is a Midlands Rose Croix Chapter of Improvement. A deputy Preceptor will, at the request of a Chapter visit a Regular Chapter meeting and advise on any part of the ritual. Contact numbers can be found in the Worcestershire Masonic Year Book.



The District of Worcestershire Rose Croix was constituted on the 20th June 1949 under charter from The Supreme Council 33° England & Wales and its Districts & Chapters Overseas.

The District has 20 Chapters and therefore there is a Rose Croix Chapter within easy reach of most parts of the district.

Brethren wishing to join this beautiful Christian Order will find that the emphasis is on members who maintain the quality, friendliness and warmth of the Order, with thought provoking ritual. Members tell me that this is an Order which they cherish and love.

We welcome new members to this unique Christian Order, who profess the Trinitarian Christian Faith and have been Master Masons for a year or more. Please view the rest of the site for further information

If you are interested please contact our District Recorder, John Phenix or any of the local Chapters via their Recorder.


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